4-Bullet Friday| October 26th 2018

  • Quote of the Week: “A problem is a chance for you to do your best,” Duke Ellington. Use adversity as an opportunity for growth and learning rather than treating it as the end of the world. Your mindset dictates your outcomes, so think positively!

  • What to Do: If you can’t find a fun Halloween adventure, make one! Step outside your comfort zone and through a Halloween party with friends to celebrate fall and most importantly— have fun. Short notice?? Not an issue with these cheap and easy DIY ideas and decorations: 40 Cheap Halloween Party ideas.

  • Staying Organized: Feeling a fall work slump or tired of a messy work space? Some tips to fix these problems here.

  • Halloween SZN: Staying healthy during Halloween with the temptation of bite sized candy bars can be difficult. Cutting candy out does not have to be the only option, you can still enjoy sweets and here are some tips on how!