4-Bullet Friday| November 2nd 2018

  • Food Favs: Brickyard Pub & BBQ as well as the Brickyard Brewing Company provides great food, drinks, and atmosphere for any occasion. Located in Lewiston, it’s a local favorite!

  • Change is Good: Tired of your boring generic office walls? Revamping an outdated office space? Start redecorating today and finding deals here. Changing your physical environment can make way for internal changes as well!

  • Quick Read: Flexibility is claimed to be the key to workplace happiness stated by this article. Do you agree? Only 5% of employees claim money to be the only source of workplace happiness…flexibility proves to be a much more important factor.

  • Fun Fridays: On a budget? Round up a group of friends and stay in for a game night! Channel your inner competitor by playing friends in classic board games or cards. Trash talking is never a requirement but is always highly encouraged.