4-Bullet Friday | May 11th 2018

Start of Summer

  • Recipe to try: When I think of summer food, I never really thought of pizza. But I do think of grilling. This summer, a new and popular trend is grilled pizza-- it’s easy, customizable, and delicious. Learn more here.

  • Game to play: Spike ball is a new popular game originated on Shark Tank. It’s played similarly to beach volleyball but on a conveniently smaller scale. If you’re tired of horseshoes and ladder golf, look no further!

  • Check Out: Elmwood Village Farmers Market, grab some fresh local goods and shop around the Elmwood Village! Every Saturday from 8 am to 1 pm beginning this Saturday.

  • Article to Read: Dos and Don’ts of working out this summer-- how to stay in shape AND beat the heat. Let's get fit y'all.