6 Best Places in the US to Reset Your Mind

1. The Adirondack Region, NY.

From hiking high peaks, touring the Olympic facilities in Lake Placid, or kayaking in Saranac Lake, the Adirondack region provides a variety of outdoor activities and gorgeous views. The pace of the region is laid back, relaxing, and comfortable. With 6.1 million acres of state protected land to explore in the Adirondack State Park, there are extensive adventuring options depending on your hiking interest and experience. 

After climbing a peak, there’s nothing more satisfying than relaxing at the top and taking in the breathtaking landscape of the area. Algonquin Peak offers a high peak hiking experience for anyone seeking a rewarding challenge. Accomplishing a tough physical feat can be beneficial for resetting your mind. Pushing through the tough task of getting to the top is rewarded with beautiful views of the region.


2. Poconos Mountains, northern PA. 

The Poconos offers a diverse range of activities for visitors. With the Delaware river, waterfalls, and man made lakes, water activities like fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and white water rafting are readily available to visitors. Golfing and horseback riding are also activities to try when exploring the area.

If resetting your mind requires you to try something bold and new, white water rafting is a great option. Stepping outside your comfort zone by riding the rapids can be an exhilarating thrill to bring excitement back into your life. This activity is great for groups, making memories for a lifetime and bringing a new spice of liveliness into a dull stricken period of  life.

3. Snowmass, Colorado.

    Although known for their winter activities like skiing and snowboarding, the summer time in Snowmass is just as worthwhile. Hiking, mountain biking, a zipline, climbing, and ropes course park, rodeos, and free concerts are just a few of the experiences to seek out. Historical archaeological sites give glances back into the Ice Age inhabitants; the Ice Age Discovery Center offers an interesting and insightful activity to check out.

    Resetting in Snowmass can be easily achieved through sampling the variety of activities offered there. Whether it’s taking a yoga class in the Snowmass Recreation Center, or hiking to see the highly photogenic “Maroon Bells,” taking in the landscape and adventures can be cleansing both mentally and physically.

4. Austin, Texas.

    From shopping, sports, biking, food, music and art-- Austin provides a hub of upbeat and energetic life. Austin offers a balance of natural and man-made attractions. Ballet Austin, Mexic-Arte Museum, Contemporary at the Jones Center, and the Blanton Museum of Art are just a small number of all the creative and world-class experiences to take in. Austin hosts sporting events for just about any and every athletic event you could imagine-- from roller derby to NBA D-league play. The outdoor scene is dominated by diverse state parks: McKinney Falls State Park, Palmetto State Park, and Pedernales State Park,  just to name a few.

For an upbeat cultural immersion, Austin is your place. If your resetting experience calls for high energy, excitement, and a diverse range of entertainment, you’ll find it here. With unique outdoor opportunities and a variety of city life activities, Austin provides a special contrast that can rejuvenate extraverts in an immersive mental reset.

5.Ogunquit Beach, Maine.

    For a quaint town and slow-paces, relaxing beach vibe, Ogunquit Beach is a great spot. Different than many of the usual buzzing, crowded beaches, Ogunquit Beach is quiet, calm, and lacks the unbearable heat and humidity of Southern beaches. The ocean water is cool and the sun is less harsh. Bringing a good book and beach chair will give anyone the perfect chill resetting experience.

    The town nearby offers shopping, food, and most importantly: ice cream. Not too far a drive from Ogunquit will bring you to Portland, Maine. Here you can find historical information on the Underground Railroad at the Portland Freedom trail. Many restaurants and a cultural hub are found in downtown Portland, and boating activities on the coast nearby. Maine offers a relaxing resetting opportunity, splashed with a little bit of everything: outdoors, culture, beach days, and city life.


6.Sedona, Arizona.

    For night gazing, wine trails, and gorgeous outdoor scenery, Sedona is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the US. Hiking, biking, and exploring throughout the desert will give you memorable views any time of the day. Jeep tours, Montezuma’s Castle, and canyons give visitors unique experiences to the area.

    A major element of Sedona’s resetting value is their emphasis on spiritual health. “Vortexes” are special locations that put out spiritual energy thought to be beneficial to personal health. Spas, psychics, and retreats are all available in Sedona for those looking for a different kind of mental resetting.