99% of Texts Get Opened. Why Are You Still Sending Emails?

You read that right.  99% of text messages get opened according to Forbes.  

Any idea what the average open rate is for an email?  15% if you’re lucky. 25% if you’re really really good.  

So should you delete all your emails and strictly move to text marketing today?  Probably not.

Best practice would be to keep the emails, but also consider reformatting your message to SMS marketing moving forward.

If you’re like a lot of people, you may not even be aware that this form of marketing exists, but let me tell you something that will come as a surprise. Text marketing is killing it right now in many industries. Maybe it can for your business.

So how does it work?

Well, if you’re familiar with any form of list building, this will feel very familiar.  

  1. Gather subscribers through signage and media within your business practices and physical locations. Promote your New VIP Mobile Club.

  2. Your Audience sees it, and simply texts your Keyword to a 5 digit Short code and replies "Yes"!

  3. Similar to other digital marketing lists, utilize a platform to send out on the spot offers/announcements!. It can take two minutes of work to get a huge response! Make announcements directly to your biggest fans about upcoming events and contests! Customers can opt out any time, but only 5% will, because they don't want to miss out!

  4. Your Audience Sees the Offer/Announcement within 3 minutes! Depending on your offer or event, they respond! 99% will open your message!

This sounds too good to be true right?  Not at all. It’s just the newest way to reach your customers where they live. As the years go by, we are less attached to our desktops, laptops and the modes of marketing that live there.  

We’re on the go, phones in hand, experiencing life and media in a whole new way. This is why text (SMS) marketing can be so powerful.  Nearly everyone has a phone and knows how to text.  It's not intrusive, it's part of life.

Good or bad we’re trained to hear a notification and reach for our phone to check it.  It’s Pavlovian conditioning at it’s best (or worst, but that's another topic!).

If this interests you, let us know.  We can provide customized solutions to your business leveraging this amazing form of list building.  Let’s grab coffee.  Shoot us a text (emails fine too!)  We have a 100% open rate for both.