Why Should I Work From Home?

The switch to online work allows for many businesses to work remotely? Is this a bad thing???
The pros of working from home pave the way for new individual freedoms as an employee. Although working from home requires more self-motivation, a little bit of discipline and structured schedules, it can leave you with more free time for yourself than you’d ever have commuting to work.

Benefits of Working at Home

1. The driving thing. Working from home saves you gas, traffic time wasted, frustration, parking, carpooling, and long tiresome daily commutes. By working from home and saving gas, you’re also contributing to the green earth movement and lowering your carbon footprint. Plus who wants to shovel at 6 am?

2.The alarm thing. Waking up at a certain time every day can get monotonous and inefficient. Day to day, depending on workload, health, stress, and other elements of daily life, bedtimes change. But a location-based workplace usually keeps it’s start time the same-- unempathetic of the fact that your one-year-old kept you up all night crying and you slept for a total of 3 hours tops. When working remotely, you can decide when your workday starts. If you need a few extra hours of zzzs to recover from a long night, you have the freedom to decide that.

3. The uncomfortable clothes thing. For all the people out there who do not enjoy picking out a workplace appropriate outfit day in and day out, this point is a huge plus. When you work from home, no one knows that you aren’t wearing your finest pantsuit… in fact, you’re not even wearing pants today. You’ll save money on purchasing expensive “work clothes,” and can work comfortably in your finest sweats and pajamas.

4.The freedom thing. When your work is online, you have the freedom to choose when and where you’ll do it. If you decide to do your work from 3-8, you have the freedom to construct the rest of your day at your own volition. You can decide if you want to go for a walk with your dog, hang out with your family for a while, make a nice dinner. The restricting time constraints of a commuting workplace are lifted. The only stipulation of remote work is that it has to get done in the end.
And that’s where the self-motivation comes in.

The Catch

Although the freedom of working at home seems like all fun and games, in reality, a job is a job and work must get done.

With all the distractions of “being home,” it can be easy to neglect work, procrastinate, take excessive naps, online shop, etc…
Focus, discipline, routine, and self-motivation are the keys to successfully and enjoyably working from home.

1. Make a schedule. Making yourself a schedule of your days brings accountability into what can seem like a day at the beach without proper planning. Always write down what needs to be done in your life and prioritize your list accordingly. Block out a chunk of your day when you will devote your time to doing focused, efficient work.

2. Find your best “work from home” location. Whether it’s a home office, chair at your kitchen table, or a comfortable spot on the couch, find a place that you will be able to plant yourself for a while. If your home is full of distractions, locate a nearby coffee shop that has wifi and will be a good place to work. Having a separate space for work is always ideal to be able to "turn on your brain".

3. Have discipline. As easy as it to abandon responsibilities and nap the day away, having the discipline to devote yourself to getting work done will pay off tenfold. Making efficient use of allotted work time will leave you with more time for the other elements of your life.

4. Peak functioning hours. If you're not a morning person, don't force yourself to work at 6am and slog through the day at 75%. Use your best mental hours to knock out the biggest ticket items and schedule yourself time to complete menial tasks on the edge of those hours. Trust me. The struggle is real if you don't.

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