4-Bullet Friday | June 8th 2018

  • Afternoon Activity to Try: Take a drive to Devil’s Hole in Niagara Falls and hike the gorge! Be ready for a great workout paired with gorgeous views. After your adventure, grab a hot dog lunch and some ice cream at The Silo and take in the waterfront view of the Niagara River.

  • Exercise Class of the Week: Every Wednesday this summer, check out the free yoga classes at Wilkeson Pointe in the Outer Harbor of downtown Buffalo. This relaxing yoga class starts at 6:30, is a little over an hour long, and will leave you feeling less stressed and more content.

  • Trend to Check out: Bring a little piece of nature into your office, bedroom, kitchen, or living room by purchasing a succulent. These cactus-relative plants bring life into any space with their vibrant green, waxy, and durable leaves. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors--creating a succulent planter / terrarium is also a great activity to channel your creative-design side.

  • Restaurant Deal: Gramma Mora's on Hertel Ave, an authentic Mexican restaurant, is currently offering an $6 for 3 tacos! Choose your meat and then head over to their taco bar to garnish your meal with a variety of toppings and salsas. Outside seating and chips with the meal make it the perfect summer dinner.



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