4-Bullet Friday | July 20th 2018

  • Quote of the Week: "The Comeback is always stronger than the setback." If you're currently going through a bump in your road, just know that with hard work, perseverance, and passion you can overcome struggles and put yourself in a position that's even better than where you were before.

  • Article to Read: 5 Podcasts That Are a Must for a Productive Workday depicts a variety of interesting podcasts that will spice up, entertain, and inform you on your daily trek to work.

  • Food to Grab: Go to Ted's Hot Dogs and get your favorite grill meal, some fries, and a cold Loganberry. Redeem coupon for free hot dog here.

  • Get moving: If you've never done yoga before but you want to try without fully committing to an expensive package, Power Yoga Buffalo, offers 10 consecutive days of unlimited yoga for $20. If you realize that you love yoga, then you can look into more regular pricing packages-- if not, at least you tried it! Yoga is a great physical and mental exercise that I would highly recommend to people of any age, gender, or level of physical abilities. Try it!