4-Bullet Friday | July 27th 2018

  • Sweet Tooth Saver: Paula's Donuts has a wide variety of equally delicious donuts-- peanut sticks, key lime filled, original glazed, powdered sugar covered angel cream, just to name a few! Coupons and deals available online and from their social media pages. If you're tired of ice cream this summer, stop by Paula's between 5 a.m and 9 p.m for a sweet treat!

  • Fitness Kick: Delaware Park is a great place for activity, whether you're walking, jogging, playing a round of golf, challenging a friend to a tennis match, or playing in a pickup basketball game. Delaware Park is a fitness hub during these summer months, check it out, especially if you're looking to try something new with friends.

  • Article to Read: 14 Simple Steps to Encourage Mindfulness in Your Workplace talks about tips to keep the workplace focused and productive using mindfulness tips. Practicing mindfulness is an underrated tool that can dramatically affect the quality and quantity of you and you coworkers/employees work.

  • Trend to Check Out: Polaroid Cameras are back as an eclectic, fun and classic way to document memories. Available in packages on Amazon film pictures can spice up any desk space, wallet, or bedroom wall.

pictured above: a beautiful dozen of Paula's Donuts

pictured above: a beautiful dozen of Paula's Donuts