4-Bullet Friday | July 6th 2018

  • Quote of the Week: "I want to be a shining light and bring life to every situation," Maya Moore. WNBA star Maya Moore gives insight that can be applied to all aspects of life-- radiating positive energy will not only improve the mood of those around you, but also influence your own feelings for the better. Being lively and bright helps increase motivation to achieve goals, be productive, and go turn your dreams into your realities.

  • Event to Check Out: Taste of Buffalo goes this weekend from 11-9pm on Saturday and 11-7pm on Sunday in downtown Buffalo. Visit for great eats, drinks, and live music!

  • Beat the Heat: Staying hydrated is one of the biggest keys to beating the intense summer heat as well as promoting health. One of the best ways to motivate yourself to drink more water? Carrying a water bottle that you like. Here's some of the best.

  • Summer Activity: Drive In Movies. Only summer weather in Buffalo can accommodate can a trip to the drive ins, so if you have a free night, grab your Twizzlers, blankets, and friends and drive out to the Transit Drive-In Theatre. Also, every Tuesday is a showing of a retro throwback movie--check it out!