4-Bullet Friday | July 13th 2018

  • Try it Out: A new trend for those who are into new healthy, tasty treats-- try smoothie bowls. A big fan favorite for smoothie bowls in Buffalo can be found at Squeeze Juicery . This refreshing treat combines a thick chilled fruit smoothie base with granola, fresh fruit, and other toppings.

  • Place to Visit: It's important to give your loyal furry best friend a fun summer and a great way to do this is to bring them to the Ellicott Creek Island Park. Let your dog run free, socialize, and cool off in the water while you get to also enjoy the outdoors.

  • Inspiration for the Week: The Man in the Glass is a great poem to motivate and inspire self reflection. Although I usually have read it in the context of sports, I think it can be applied to all aspects of life.

  • App I like: My Fitness Pal is an Under Armour sponsored app that tracks your fitness goals. You can enter in the food you eat (it's super easy) as well as your exercise for the day. This app then evaluates your daily activity and caloric intake to measure if you are in line with your goals. Give it a try!