4-Bullet Friday| August 31st 2018

  • Go Wild: If you're bored of social media and your usual news sources, revisit a long time fan favorite: National Geographic. The site has interesting articles about wildlife and culture. Additionally, National Geographic specializes in amazing pictures that will put your Instagram friend's blurry dog picture to shame. Learn something new about the your favorite animal, conservation, different parts of the world, and much more!

  • Good Eats: Amy's Place is a great spot for a quality breakfast. As the most important and (in my opinion) best meal of the day, Amy's Place does not disappoint. It's a little spot on Main Street that offers a variety of breakfast options, including many vegan options on the menu.

  • On the Map: Buffalo is in the rankings for something...unfortunately it's not about sports (yet). Our city was ranked number 18 on the list of worst driving cities in the US! Take this information as need be-- be extra cautious, and stay safe!

  • Poetry Corner: "It Couldn't Be Done," by Edgar Albert Guest is a quick inspirational poem about challenging doubters. Following your goals and dreams is something essential-- never let anyone tell you that you cannot achieve what you're setting out to.