De-stress Yourself

When life becomes overly stressful, here are five ways to find some immediate relief and control. These 5 tips are not the end-all-be-all, as different things work for different people, but these can seriously help begin your productive and de-stressing process.


1. Clean up and Organize.

Although you can't always control when life is getting a little out of hand, you can always pick up, de-clutter, and reorganize your living spaces. Getting rid of old papers, clothes that you never wear, and broken junk that is all in that one drawer will give you a strong base to start getting everything else completed. Working in a clean and orderly space makes you more productive and saves you the time you spend looking for that one thing you can never seem to find.

For anyone with slightly control freak personalities, achieving a clean living space can feel extremely satisfying and give you the proud feeling of accomplishment.


2. Exercise.

If you start to feel like your social life or work life is falling into chaos, you can conquer it more positively and effectively once you feel good about yourself. One of the best ways to feel good about yourself is to accomplish a physical feat of some measure. Exercise can be a great medicine and detox-- whether it's a walk with your dog or a high intensity cross-fit class. According to the article "8 Powerful Ways to Reduce Stress," exercise releases neurotransmitters that soothe the body and ultimately reduce stress. Additionally, exercise allows for you to channel your inner creative juices--this may help you innovate a way to solve problems you may be facing.

Exercise is also a discipline. Being able to motivate yourself to work out can be grounding and build a base to grow upon in conquering the next challenges on your list.


3. Lists.

Personally, things feel much more accomplishable when I see them on paper in "cross-off-able" form. If I can put a pen line through it, I must be able to get it done...right?

Prioritizing the things we have going on by what's most pressing and what can wait can help motivate us get some things done immediately and realize that other jobs can wait. 


4. Call Your Good-Vibes Buddy.

We all have that one friend or relative who has the magic power to ground us when we need it. They are positive, caring, and honest people and will give you great motivation to control your stress. Although this person may have to tell you the truth and it may not be what you want to hear, it's probably what you need to hear. If they tell you that you need to stop complaining and get working, you have to take their message as one out of love... sometimes we all need a little tough love. In contrast, this buddy could also give you a great motivational speech.

Overall, talking with a friend can help you personally articulate and realize just what it is that is really causing you stress and together, you and your friend can develop a plan to get your work to a manageable format.


5. Crank up the Tunes.

Music is proven to alleviate stress by increasing relaxation and allowing us to explore our emotions more deeply (The Power of Music).

Jamming out to some of your favorite jams can help distract your mind from all the chaos of work, social life, and other stress sources. Instead, your mind finds tranquility and calmness in exploring how you feel when listening to a certain song. Whether you incorporate music into your work or you just take a half hour radio session, listening to music has significant positive effects in reducing stress.