Changing Your Energy

Right now, I'm sure you could think of 100 reasons to be upset. 100 reasons to not do something. 100 reasons to quit.

The first step in improving any situation is improving your negative 100 reasons why not mindset to a more positive attitude. Recognizing the bad in a situation is natural, we cannot always control what cards life will deal us, however we can control our response to a crappy hand 100% of the time. Whether you're in a rough patch of your life, an important/defining time, or transitioning, working to improve your attitude and energy can drastically improve your perspective and results in these situations.

Here are 8 tips/pieces of advice in becoming a more positive person and improving your ability to respond to negative situations.

1.Be a Bright Light. This mantra can be interpreted how you want it to or how you need it to. I see it in a few ways: 1.I shine my positive light for my own path. 2. I shine a light that will light the way for others to see.

Being a bright light is about radiating positive energy throughout all aspects of your life. This mantra is the broad umbrella that can be accomplished by the next 7 tips.

2.Train your Thoughts. As soon as a negative thought comes into your mind, evaluate why and then quickly replace it with a more constructive and positive thought. When getting feedback from others, take in their messages, but disregard feedback that is not productive in maintaining a positive mindset. If you consistently replace negative thoughts, you'll start to make a habit of positive thinking.

3.Stop Making Excuses. Recognizing that everyone goes through those times and then actively deciding to take on your struggles with a positive attitude is a huge step in changing your energy. Although it can be therapeutic to let yourself have a quick pity party and venting session about a rough time, the only way to conquer it is to own the fact that everyone you know goes through rough patches too. Decide to tackle this time with a optimistic outlook.

4.Feed off of Others. As humans, we are social and can often find strength in numbers. Surrounding yourself with people whose energy you can build on will improve your own mindset significantly. Constantly hanging out with Negative Nellies and draining complainers can bring you down. But opening up to and spending time with people who have great vibes and encouragement will help build your positivity.

5.Self Reflection. Taking time to reflect on the way you feel will help you improve your positivity. Asking questions like-- how do I feel right now? what makes me happy? how can I add positivity to my life? who around me will build on my energy?-- will help you realize how to cope with rough patches and or how to maintain great energy consistently. Doing this through journaling, mediation, or mindfulness will pay off.

6.Make Time for Things that Make You Genuinely Happy. One of the best ways to change your mindset is by doing. Practicing your favorite activities-- baking, jogging, drawing...-- can take your mind off of a tough time and relieve your stress from your life. After your happy activity be sure to take a mental note of how you feel. Remember this feeling, and during tough moments come back to it to help yourself maintain good energy.

7.Pick a Healthy Goal and Achieve it. Achieving goals is a great way to boost your confidence and improve your mental state, especially when it is a healthy goal that will improve the overall quality of your life. Picking something as simple as making your bed every morning or eating breakfast can be easy to accomplish, start your day off with accomplishment, and help you have a positive start to push you through the struggles of work life. 

8.Reframe your Situation. Hard times are usually a matter of perspective. Reframing failure as opportunity for change and growth is a great way to take a negative attitude and flip it in a positive way. Tough battles are opportunities for self growth, rather than punishments for any silly excuse that you can think up. 


Positivity is something essential to living a great life. It is in your complete control to be positive; it is a decision that you can make to change your thoughts, change your view on a situation, and to surround yourself with people who are also bright lights that will leave you feeling more fulfilled, optimistic, and genuinely happy.