Gratitude is the underrated keystone to living a happy life. Being truly thankful for all of the opportunities, people, and blessings in your life will radiate a positive energy to those around you and maintain an internal positivity as well.

Gratitude is a skill that you need to practice in order to fully reap its benefits-- it's deeper than just saying "thank you" to the person who hands you your morning coffee. Gratitude is recognizing kindness and feeling a genuine sense of appreciation because of it.


1. Networking.

Gratefulness is a quality of likable people. Therefore, if you're looking to have better, more meaningful, and more positive relationships, being appreciative for the people you meet is a great start. Sending thank you notes, texts, or just a verbal "thank you" when people go out of their way will help you make and maintain friendships, network more effectively, and come off as a nicer person.


2.Mental Health.

Being grateful has a great effect on your mental health if done consistently.  Gratitude reduces stress, envy, regret, and even frustration, making room for happier emotions to take their place. Realizing the positive things and taking time to appreciate them will lighten your mood dramatically and allows growth from difficult or traumatic events.


3.Physical Benefits.

Gratitude is shown to improve the quality of your sleep and limit aggression. Making a list on paper of all the great things in your life or just momentarily thinking about it can help you sleep better, recover from illness, and even get through tough times physically with a clear and focused mind.


Overall, gratitude is a key to a positive life and something that often gets overlooked in the fast paced busy lives many of us live. Taking just 5-10 minutes a day to think about the people who support you, opportunities you have, and your own special and unique life can impact everything from your confidence, to your social life, to your physical health. It doesn't take much to incorporate this into your lifestyle and it can make a huge difference in the long run.