Marketing Tips and Trends

Whether you're using traditional or content marketing, this year has pushed forward with new trends and ideas to improve your strategy, no matter what route you take. Here are a few general tips and hot trends in the world of marketing on how to capture your consumers' attentions.

1. Inform your consumers.

People will find out the truth no matter what. It's easier to make an honest description or advertisement of your service/product's that you can control than to have to find an internet review trashing your product for false claims. People look at advertisement to be informative and honest rather than flashy exaggerations. Using various platforms to advertise (social media, blogs, commercials...) in a way where your audience gets a sense for the purpose and their need for your product is the most effective method to sell (and establish trusting customers).


2. Be creative.

Channel your creative juices and take a step out of the box in order to capture consumers' attentions more effectively and more sustainably. Although being on trend can be rewarding, setting the trends or being ahead of them can set you apart from your competitors. Taking advantage of unused platforms in a fresh new way can bring customers to you and put your product in future conversations.


3. Make Use of New Technology.

According to the Forbes article 12 Marketing Trends to Take Advantage of This Year, Pinterest, virtual reality, and voice searches were three up and coming game changers in marketing. Using these tools in an effective way (making sure to keep human friendly elements within the technology) could put your product in a great position. If your product is something visually interesting or appealing, making use of virtual reality would be in your favor. Making a thoughtful selection of which technologies to use and what platforms to advertise on is key; tailor your decision to what will show off your product in the best way. For example, if you are a music service, using voice search technology with audio in your advertisement would be beneficial to you.


When using new marketing trends, platforms and technologies, the most important thing is to remain genuine. Being authentic with your customers by using honesty and methods that are interesting and informative will produce the best results for building a successful, long lasting business.