The Art of Local Embroidery

Embroidery, very simply put is an art form that involves the decoration of a material with a thread stitched into the fabric, creating anything from simple lines, to complex works of art. This art form actually dates back thousands of years, with the oldest embroidered item being dated at 30,000 BC!  With the advent of machines, embroidery took on a whole new life, becoming far more accessible and replicable. So how does the process work now? Well, actually it’s pretty simple. Let me walk you through it.

First, a customer approaches Buffabrand with an item to embroider.  The apparel requiring a logo can be a shirt, jacket, hat, bag or many other products.  For this example let’s take a dry fit polo that a customer wants to be embroidered in Buffalo. Generally, I will ask a customer a few prompting questions, such as:


Do you have artwork made or do you need custom logo design?

We offer custom logo designs based on current design or completely new ideas.

Do you have a DST file, which is needed for embroidery?

Embroidery machines read a specific file type that controls the stitches and cuts.

Are you supplying the shirts, or purchasing the shirts from Buffabrand?

We offer a full range of products, as well as decorate customer provided goods.

Do you have size and color requirements?

Logos and apparel come in some crazy colors, so we need every detail.

How many do you need?

We are able to provide price breaks based on quantities per order.

How fast do you need your order?

We turn all embroidery orders around in 10 business days or less standard.


Once we have all the pertinent information for the project, we will supply a quote for the entire scope of the project. I believe in a 24-hour free quote turn around. After all, we want your business and you should not have to wait.  

After the quote is provided, any changes are made, and terms are agreed upon, we require a 50% deposit to begin the order.  Once that deposit is made, we are on our way! We’ll order the polo shirts, set up the embroidery art file (DST), and get all order details organized. This part of the process usually takes 1-2 days.

Following up on the setup phase, we move into production, which takes 5-8 days.  If this is the first-time setup, we will sew a sample logo to make sure everything is perfect for your company or team. After approval of the initial logo, we move forward with customizing your apparel one stitch at a time.  

The embroidery art file goes into the machine. Polo Shirts are hooped to hold them tight and loaded into the machine. The stitching run goes through a progression of layers, colors, cuts and movements. Each layer is stitched with laser precision, creating a beautiful logo with thousands of stitches.

Once all the products are done, we remove them from the machine and trim the thread and backing.  Shirts are then folded and placed into a box for pick up. Buffabrand does local apparel delivery and allows for pick up arrangements when necessary.  The remainder of the payment is due upon delivery of your custom goods.

As you can see, the process doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it should be simple and straightforward with a professional embroidered. Communication and expectations should be clear and concise, setting everyone up for success.  We continuously stress the importance of timely delivery and quality embroidered apparel. We hope next time you need some embroidery done, you’ll call us at Buffabrand, Buffalo’s local source of custom apparel.