Way Too Short Book Reviews: 2018 Business Books

It Doesn’t Have To Be Crazy At Work - Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson

“Calm”, consistent, creative people can accomplish great things when given the time and space.

Extreme Ownership - Jocko Willink & Leif Babin

“If you want to be tough, be tougher.” If you want to be responsible, take more responsibility.

Lost and Founder - Rand Fishkin

Start-up culture isn’t like the movies. People get eaten alive by others and themselves. The numbers are very much stacked against you.

Tools Of Titans - Tim Ferriss

Incredibly intelligent people read, meditate and do not have it as figured out as it seems.

Shoe Dog - Phil Knight

A useful story of how you have to be crazy, naive, and bullish to start a company like Nike because people are not out to help you make money.

Driving Digital Strategy - Sunil Gupta

Very few companies are handling the digital revolution well, but those willing to adapt with the curve are transforming their businesses and the world.

Brewing Up A Business - Sam Calagione

Great insight into how clumsy starting a business can be, but how far you can take it with passion, drive, and the right dose of “off-centeredness”.

Without Their Permission - Alexis Ohanian

Stand up for what you believe in, dig in when times are tough, and take big chances.  After all you’re just a “rounding error”, anyways.

Screw Business As Usual - Richard Branson

Take chances and do things differently; if you’re Richard Branson they will work out fine and you’ll get an island. This book is my 2018 “Stinker of the Year”.